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Margaret Larkin - Radiogirl - Radiogirl

"I really like it! It's both engaging and entertaining."
- Larz, creator of

"... a VIMO. VERY Important Media Outlet!"
- Kevin Metheny, Infamous Program Director and fan

"Margaret you made us look fairly professional and pretty funny! More importantly, you gave us a chance to speak our minds on some fairly significant issues in the industry. Most importantly, we had a tremendous amount of feedback, which means people listen and our time was well spent. Thanks so much."
- Michael Damsky, former General Manager of WLS Radio

".....Best interview since I was on Leno.....'Hey you were never on Leno'
.....Oh was still 'good'....."
- Mitch Michaels, Alleged Radio Legend

"Margaret is a stellar interviewer who dares to seek out people's nerve endings."
-Chet Coppock, Godfather of Sports Talk Radio

"You do a good job with this podcast."
- Phil Rosenthal, Chicago Tribune columnist

"More fun than any interview I've had and great questions."
- Steve Cochran, WGN Radio host and comedian